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Website Maintenace

An integral part of the proper functioning of the site is the timely and quality maintenance and editing of the content contained therein.

Up-to-date and well-maintained sites attract new visitors and retain existing ones, advance the position on google search and represent the company in the best possible way.

Update Content

Website maintenance involves updating textual content, adding new products, photos, .pdf files, creating new banners, backing up data, periodic optimization, quality control, checking the availability of all content already posted, and allowing the site to run smoothly.

The information that visitors see on your site is considered official information of your company and it is very important to keep it up to date. Any promotional offer that is current with you and which is not published on your site does not exist for the site visitor.

Sites with up-to-date content are better rated by Google and indirectly and better visited.

What is Site Maintenance?

We will list the most important activities that need to be carried out in order to maintain the site properly:

- Checking the availability and loading speed of pages
- Backing up the site
- Update material, text, images and graphic elements of the site
- Update plugins if it is a WordPress site
- Optimization of submitted image, video, ...
- Consultations regarding improving the functionality of the website
- Troubleshoot site functionality, inaccessible internal and external links, and other similar errors

What brings you regular site maintenance?
Fast and reliable website, security and protection against viruses / malware, hackers, regular backups, script updates, site debugging, site optimization, free technical support (7 days a week).